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Real Estate Agents Minnesota

John and Michele have 22+ years of working with clients on investing in home ownership.  Helping clients sell their properties for top dollar in every market condition. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and put it to work for you today!

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In today's Waconia real estate market, there is simply no substitute for a great Minnesota REALTOR®.  
A REALTOR® who is forward-thinking, honest, approachable, and knowledgeable.  We go the extra mile to ensure that each real estate transaction is as problem-free and stress-free as possible. Client satisfaction is a top priority with John and Michele. Let us help you with one of the biggest financial transactions of your life.  

We know that the only way to succeed in real estate is to provide more service than our customers can receive anywhere else. You will get that kind of service when you work with us.  We will provide you with the personal service you deserve.


Because of the unique status of some properties in the area coupled with the current real estate market, an experienced Minnesota Real Estate Agent is vital.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to locate and purchase that first home, move to a bigger home, downsize to a smaller home, acquire that dream vacation getaway, or invest in an income property.

While our professional experience can help you navigate the technical features of buying a home, it is our attention to detail that sets us apart.   We will keep you informed of all the newest listings including all bank-owned and short-sale properties and can send them to you with photographs and listing information.  Sign up today!
There are several factors involved in making an offer.  We will help you determine the following: 
If the property is correctly valued
What are the comparable properties in the neighborhood
What is the competition
The best loan available for the purchase
What property inspections need to be performed
The appropriate time needed to complete the transaction
If a short sale would be a property to consider
How to make a strong offer on a bank-owned property
We understand that this is not merely a financial investment, it is a life investment.


The decision to sell a home is often dependent on many factors. For most families, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work.  When you're ready to sell it's important to have an experienced real estate professional handle the details involved in the successful sale of your home.

We know how to handle every aspect of the sales process - from strategic marketing and showcasing your home to making sure everything's signed, sealed, and delivered by the closing date.  Providing you with comprehensive, high-quality, high-tech listing service is our top priority.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, sign up for our complimentary Seller's Consultation to learn about the many factors involved in selling a home in today’s market.  There’s absolutely no obligation on your part.  Now is a great time to be evaluating your real estate position.

It has been our pleasure to meet and work with many wonderful people over the past 22 years while helping them buy and sell homes. Almost without exception, those home selling/buying experiences have given us a great sense of satisfaction from a job well done and happy clients to show for it! We are committed to building and maintaining lifetime relationships with our clients. We make sure you are individually taken care of and that your needs come first. Let us know when you are ready to sell or buy a home in our area.

John and Michele can meet for coffee and answer any questions and find out about your real estate needs.  John and Michele of REMAX Advantage Plus want to personally thank you for visiting their Minnesota Real Estate Site.  If you do not see something on our site and would like us to add it, please let us know.

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22+ Years of Experience Helping
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Minnesota Real Estate Agents

John Anselmo

Michele Anselmo


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Shakopee Remax 

Shakopee Remax Advantage Plus

Remax Shakopee MN Real Estate Agent
Need Help buying a home in Shakopee MN
Shakopee Remax Office

Real Estate Agent Shakopee MN
Home buying help in Shakopee MN
Shakopee MN Remax Real Estate Agent
First Time Home Buyer Help in Shakopee MN
Shakopee Minnesota Realtor
Shakopee Real Estate Agent
Shakopee Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Shakopee MN Listing Agent
Shakopee Real Estate Sales Agent
Find A Real Estate Agent in Shakopee MN
Shakopee Minnesota REMAX Agent
Shakopee MN REMAX Selling Agent
REMAX Real Estate Team in Shakopee MN
Shakopee MN Real Estate Professionals
Shakopee MN Real Estate
Shakopee MN Agents That Sell Homes
John and Michele with REMAX in Shakopee MN
Real Estate Agents in Shakopee MN
Selling Homes in Shakopee MN
Sell My Home In Shakopee MN
Real Estate Team with REMAX in Shakopee MN
Shakopee REMAX Advantage Plus
Shakopee Real Estate Agent
REMAX Advantage Plus Shakopee MN
Real Estate Shakopee
Shakopee REMAX
Shakopee REMAX Homes
REMAX Realtors Shakopee MN
REMAX Advantage Plus Agents Shakopee
Shakopee REMAX Advantage Plus Office
Shakopee Minnesota Real Estate Offices
Shakopee MN Real Estate Brokerage
Real Estate Broker in Shakopee MN
Find The Best Realtors in Shakopee Minnesota
Realtors Shakopee MN
Your Local Realtors Shakopee MN
Shakopee MN Real Estate Professional
Savage REMAX
Savage REMAX Advantage Plus
Savage REMAX Office
Real Estate Agent Savage MN
Need Help buying a home in Savage Minnesota
Savage Minnesota Realtor
Savage MN Real Estate Agent
Help buying a home in Savage Minnesota
Savage Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Savage MN Listing Agent
Savage Real Estate Sales Agent
Find A Real Estate Agent in Savage MN
First Time Home Buyer Help Savage MN
Savage Minnesota REMAX Agent
Savage MN REMAX Selling Agent
REMAX Real Estate Team in Savage MN
Savage MN Real Estate Professionals
Savage MN Real Estate
Savage MN Agents That Sell Homes
John and Michele with REMAX in Savage MN
Real Estate Agents in Savage MN
Selling Homes in Savage MN
Sell My Home In Savage MN
Savage Real Estate Professional
Real Estate Team with REMAX in Savage MN
Savage Minnesota Real Estate Offices
The Best Savage MN Real Estate Brokerage
Real Estate Broker in Savage MN
Realtors in Savage Minnesota
Realtors Savage MN
Your Local Realtors Savage MN
Realtor Savage MN
Prior Lake Minnesota Remax 

Prior Lake Remax Advantage Plus

Prior Lake MN Remax Office

Real Estate Agent Prior Lake MN
Prior Lake Minnesota Realtor
Prior Lake MN Real Estate Agents
Prior Lake Real Estate Agent
Prior Lake Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Prior Lake Minnesota Real Estate Professional
Prior Lake MN Listing Agent
Prior Lake Real Estate Sales Agent
Realtors in Prior Lake Minnesota
Realtors Prior Lake MN
Your Local Realtors Prior Lake MN
Realtors In Prior Lake MN
Realtor Prior Lake MN
Listing Agent Prior Lake
Burnsville REMAX 

Burnsville REMAX Advantage Plus

Burnsville REMAX Office

Real Estate Agent Burnsville MN
Need help buying a home in Burnsville MN
Burnsville MN Real Estate Professional
Burnsville Minnesota Realtor
Burnsville Real Estate Agent
Help buying a home in Burnsville Minnesota
Burnsville Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
First Time Home Buyer Help in Burnsville MN
Burnsville MN Listing Agent
Burnsville Real Estate Sales Agent
Realtors in Burnsville Minnesota
Realtors Burnsville MN
Your Local Realtors Burnsville MN
Top Realtors South Of The River
Realtor Burnsville MN
Listing Agent Burnsville MN
Chaska MN Real Estate Professional

Chaska REMAX Advantage Plus

Chaska REMAX Office

Real Estate Agent Chaska MN
Real Estate Agents Chaska Minnesota
Chaska Minnesota Realtor
Chaska Real Estate Agent
Chaska Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Chaska MN Listing Agent
Chaska Real Estate Sales Agent
Need help buying a home in Chaska MN
Help buying a property in Chaska MN
First Time Home Buyer Help in Chaska MN
Realtor Chaska MN
Listing Agent Chaska
Jordan Minnesota REMAX
Jordan MN Real Estate Professional
Jordan REMAX Advantage Plus
Jordan MN REMAX Office
Real Estate Agent Jordan MN
Jordan Minnesota Realtor
Jordan MN Real Estate Agent
Jordan Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Jordan MN Listing Agent
Jordan Real Estate Sales Agent
Realtor Jordan MN
Listing Agent Jordan
Belle Plaine Minnesota REMAX
Belle Plaine REMAX Advantage Plus
Belle Plaine MN REMAX Office
Belle Plaine Real Estate Agent MN
Belle Plaine Minnesota Realtor
Belle Plaine Real Estate Agent
Belle Plaine Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Belle Plaine MN Listing Agent
Belle Plaine Real Estate Sales Agent
Belle Plaine Minnesota Real Estate Professional
Realtor Belle Plaine MN
Listing Agent Belle Plaine
Crystal Minnesota REMAX
Crystal REMAX Advantage Plus
Crystal MN REMAX Office
Real Estate Agent Crystal MN
Crystal Minnesota Realtor
Crystal Real Estate Agent
Crystal MN Real Estate Professional
Crystal Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Crystal MN Listing Agent
Crystal Real Estate Sales Agent
Realtor Crystal MN
Listing Agent Crystal MN
Credit River Minnesota REMAX
Credit River REMAX Advantage Plus
Credit River MN Real Estate Professional
Credit River MN REMAX Office
Real Estate Agent Credit River MN
Credit River Minnesota Realtor
Credit River Real Estate Agent
Credit River Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Credit River MN Listing Agent
Credit River Real Estate Sales Agent
Realtor Credit River MN
Listing Agent Credit River
Bloomington MN REMAX Advantage Plus
REMAX Bloomington MN Real Estate Agent
Need Help buying a home in Bloomington MN
Real Estate Professional Bloomington Minnesota
Bloomington REMAX Office Real Estate Agent
 Bloomington MN
Home buying help in Bloomington MN
Bloomington MN REMAX Real Estate Agent
First Time Home Buyer Help in Bloomington MN
Bloomington Minnesota Realtor
Bloomington Real Estate Agent
Bloomington Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
Bloomington MN Listing Agent
Bloomington Real Estate Sales Agent
Find A Real Estate Agent in Bloomington MN
Bloomington Minnesota REMAX Agent
Bloomington MN REMAX Selling Agent
REMAX Real Estate Team in Bloomington MN
Bloomington MN Real Estate Professionals
Bloomington MN Real Estate
Bloomington MN Agents That Sell Homes
John and Michele with REMAX in Bloomington MN
Real Estate Agents in Bloomington MN
Selling Homes in Bloomington MN
Sell My Home In Bloomington MN
Real Estate Team with REMAX in Bloomington MN
Bloomington Minnesota Real Estate Offices
Bloomington MN Real Estate Brokerage
Real Estate Broker in Bloomington MN
Find The Best Realtors in Bloomington Minnesota
Realtors Bloomington MN
Your Local Realtors Bloomington MN
Realtor Bloomington MN
Listing Agent Bloomington
MN REMAX Advantage Plus
REMAX Minnesota
Minnesota Real Estate Agent
Need Help buying a home in Minnesota
Minnesota REMAX Office Real Estate Agent
Minnesota Real Estate Professional
 MN Home buying help
 Minnesota Real Estate Team
MN REMAX Real Estate Agent
First Time Home Buyer Help in Minnesota
Top Minnesota Buyer Agents
 Minnesota Realtor
Real Estate Buyer Agent Minnesota
Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Agent
MN Listing Agent
Minnesota Real Estate Sales Agent
Find A Real Estate Agent in MN
Minnesota REMAX Agent
MN REMAX Selling Agent
REMAX Real Estate Team
MN Real Estate Professionals
MN Real Estate
Minnesota Agents That Sell Homes
John and Michele with REMAX in Minnesota
Real Estate Agents in MN
Selling Homes in MN
Sell My Home In Minnesota
Real Estate Team with REMAX in Minnesota
Minnesota Real Estate Offices
MN Real Estate Brokerage
Real Estate Broker in Minnesota
Find The Best Realtors in Minnesota
Realtors MN
Your Local Realtors Minnesota
Realtor MN
Silver Rock Custom Homes
Listing Agent Minnesota



Whatever your REAL ESTATE need is John Anselmo and Michele Anselmo with REMAX Advantage Plus are ready to help!


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What our clients are saying  

John and Michele are all around fabulous to work with. Patience, professionalism, the works. I don't believe we could have found better agents. We are pleased in every aspect of the sale and closing. We would recommend friends and family to John and Michele and would/will come back to them for any future sales and/or buying.


~ Dimitri & Jennifer

Very organized and knowledgeable about real estate, also very personable and easy going. Thanks for the great service. Highly recommended!


~ Marcus & Jess

John & Michele made my real estate transaction enjoyable. Always answered all of my questions and gave me all the facts I needed to make a good decision. They truly had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend them to everyone I know.


~ Jodie

John and Michele Anselmo are phenomenal at real estate. I was immediately comfortable working with them. We had many questions and concerns and John and Michele always answered them, there was no such thing as a silly question to them. Through the entire process of selling our home and buying a new one, I was worried about their livelihood; completely convinced that I was the only one they were working with at the time.


~ Mathew and Kari

I later found out that they had multiple clients at the time and I had nothing to worry about, but that is the way John and Michele make you feel, like you are the only one they are working with and you are the most important. It was extremely comforting to us to have their knowledge and experience on our side when looking for, and purchasing a home. I would (and have) referred them to my friends and family and will hire them again should we ever need to sell this home and buy a new one.


~ Mathew and Kari (Continued...

Michele worked with me on my first home, and walked me through the steps needed for purchase. Many times I wanted to look at different homes and she would go with me, but understood the market much better than I did and gave me advice based on that knowledge. I am glad I took the advice. I now have a home that even though the market declined, I have my head above water. I may not have had that if it weren't for Michele. She is extremely knowledgeable about what it out there and the time to buy.


~ Mike Tuller

John & Michelle made selling our home effortless. The attention to detail and the effort they put into it was by far above anyone we had worked with in the past. Their creativity to bring activity to the home and make walking through our house feel special for our potential buyers was just the beginning of what they did for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone and would definitely use them again.


~ Michael & Tracy Behr

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