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Minnesota Relocation Services


Welcome to Minnesota!



Minnesota is a great place to live!


Why Relocating to Minnesota is a Great Decision
Relocating to Minnesota is a decision that promises a high quality of life, diverse cultural experiences, and ample opportunities for professional and personal growth. From its vibrant cities to its serene natural landscapes, Minnesota offers something for everyone. Here’s a detailed look at why relocating to Minnesota can be a great choice, along with important steps to take when planning your move.

The Appeal of Minnesota
Quality of Life: Minnesota consistently ranks high in terms of quality of life. The state boasts excellent healthcare, top-tier education, and low crime rates, making it a safe and supportive environment for families and individuals alike.
Economic Opportunities: Minnesota is home to a diverse economy with strong sectors in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and agriculture. Major corporations such as Target, 3M, and General Mills have their headquarters here, providing a plethora of job opportunities.
Educational Excellence: The state’s education system is among the best in the nation. With a robust public school system and renowned higher education institutions like the University of Minnesota, relocating to Minnesota is a wise choice for those prioritizing education.
Natural Beauty: Known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," Minnesota offers stunning natural scenery. Whether you enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, or simply relaxing in nature, the state's parks and lakes provide endless recreational opportunities.
Cultural Richness: Minnesota boasts a vibrant cultural scene with world-class museums, theaters, and music venues. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are cultural hubs with diverse culinary scenes, art galleries, and festivals that celebrate the state’s rich heritage and multicultural population.
Community and Inclusivity: Minnesotans are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, often referred to as "Minnesota Nice." The state is also recognized for its progressive values and commitment to inclusivity, making it a welcoming place for people from all walks of life.

Steps to Take When Relocating to Minnesota

Research and Plan
Visit First: If possible, visit Minnesota to get a feel for the different regions. Explore urban areas like Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as smaller towns and rural areas to determine where you’d like to live.
Climate Considerations: Understand the climate. Minnesota experiences all four seasons, with cold winters and warm summers. Prepare for winter by researching appropriate clothing and heating options.

Housing and Cost of Living
Housing Market: Research the housing market in your preferred area. Consider renting initially to get to know the neighborhoods before committing to a purchase.
Cost of Living: Compare the cost of living in Minnesota with your current location. While generally affordable, costs can vary significantly between urban and rural areas.

Job Search: If you’re relocating without a job, start your search early. Utilize online job boards, local recruitment agencies, and networking events.
Networking: Connect with professional organizations and industry groups in Minnesota to build your network and learn about job opportunities.

Education and Schools
School Districts: If you have children, research school districts to find the best educational options. Minnesota’s public schools are highly rated, but it’s worth investigating specific districts.
Higher Education: For those pursuing higher education, explore the numerous colleges and universities in the state. The University of Minnesota system offers a range of programs and has campuses throughout the state.

Healthcare Facilities: Minnesota has some of the best healthcare facilities in the country. Research hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers in your area to ensure you have access to quality care.
Insurance: Review your health insurance options and make any necessary changes to ensure you’re covered in Minnesota.

Lifestyle and Recreation
Community Involvement: Get involved in local community groups and activities. This can help you build connections and feel more at home in your new environment.
Outdoor Activities: Embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Take advantage of Minnesota’s parks, lakes, and trails. Activities like boating, fishing, hiking, and skiing are popular and easily accessible.

Moving Logistics
Moving Company: Hire a reputable moving company. Get quotes from multiple providers and check reviews to find a reliable service.
Utilities and Services: Set up utilities, internet, and other essential services before your move. This will ensure a smooth transition when you arrive.
Address Change: Update your address with the post office, banks, insurance companies, and any other relevant institutions.

Settling In
Explore: Once you’ve relocated to Minnesota, take time to explore your new surroundings. Visit local attractions, try new restaurants, and attend community events.
Meet Neighbors: Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Building a local support network can help you feel more connected and integrated into your new community.

Relocating to Minnesota offers a unique blend of economic opportunity, natural beauty, and cultural richness. By carefully planning your move and taking the necessary steps, you can ensure a smooth transition and start enjoying all that Minnesota has to offer. From its welcoming communities to its diverse job market and recreational opportunities, relocating to Minnesota can be a rewarding and life-enhancing decision.


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What our clients are saying  

John and Michele are all around fabulous to work with. Patience, professionalism, the works. I don't believe we could have found better agents. We are pleased in every aspect of the sale and closing. We would recommend friends and family to John and Michele and would/will come back to them for any future sales and/or buying.


~ Dimitri & Jennifer

Very organized and knowledgeable about real estate, also very personable and easy going. Thanks for the great service. Highly recommended!


~ Marcus & Jess

John & Michele made my real estate transaction enjoyable. Always answered all of my questions and gave me all the facts I needed to make a good decision. They truly had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend them to everyone I know.


~ Jodie

John and Michele Anselmo are phenomenal at real estate. I was immediately comfortable working with them. We had many questions and concerns and John and Michele always answered them, there was no such thing as a silly question to them. Through the entire process of selling our home and buying a new one, I was worried about their livelihood; completely convinced that I was the only one they were working with at the time.


~ Mathew and Kari

I later found out that they had multiple clients at the time and I had nothing to worry about, but that is the way John and Michele make you feel, like you are the only one they are working with and you are the most important. It was extremely comforting to us to have their knowledge and experience on our side when looking for, and purchasing a home. I would (and have) referred them to my friends and family and will hire them again should we ever need to sell this home and buy a new one.


~ Mathew and Kari (Continued...

Michele worked with me on my first home, and walked me through the steps needed for purchase. Many times I wanted to look at different homes and she would go with me, but understood the market much better than I did and gave me advice based on that knowledge. I am glad I took the advice. I now have a home that even though the market declined, I have my head above water. I may not have had that if it weren't for Michele. She is extremely knowledgeable about what it out there and the time to buy.


~ Mike Tuller

John & Michelle made selling our home effortless. The attention to detail and the effort they put into it was by far above anyone we had worked with in the past. Their creativity to bring activity to the home and make walking through our house feel special for our potential buyers was just the beginning of what they did for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone and would definitely use them again.


~ Michael & Tracy Behr

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